Preliminary Task


I recreated the album cover of Katy Perry’s ‘One of the boys’.

This is the original cd cover of Katy Perry.

This is my recreated version of the album cover. I had some problems while doing the cd cover which was the colour of the umbrella and the brightness of the photograph. Whilst editing the cd cover I edited the colour of my hair so it was darker to match Katy Perry’s hair. This did not go swell as i hoped as you can tell when looking at the image that the hair is edited. I am really happy with the text and colour in my cd cover because it matches the original very well. I downloaded the font from a website which made it easier for me to match it up.







Lip Sync:


Creating the Lip sync video was harder than I expected as I did not realise how much acting you have to do in order to make the video look real and as if you are actually singing. Another thing which I found difficult was the editing as we did not film it in one take, this was due to the fact that Joanna’s part was separate to mine and we needed to start the camera. When editing the music video we had to add transitions to make it fit together because we hadn’t filmed one long take, this is where our music video was brought down as it did not look like a real video. Overall I am happy with the Lip sync as I thought we acted the emotion of the song through our lip sync.

Britney Spear’s music video remake:

When making the music video remake it was more difficult than I originally thought it would be. The main problems with making the video was that we did not storyboard shot for shot of what we were going to film and also we did not create a shot list for the shots we added in afterwards. This made it very difficult to edit afterwards and also to film as we needed to watch the Britney video to check the shots. This resulted in some shots missing from the music video. Another problem with the music video was the locations where it was filmed. It did not look realistic enough and did not match the britney video. In the music video I was a dancer and played somebody in the lockers scene. Overall I am very happy with the final outcome of the music video as I think it matched the Britney Spears video very well.

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