Production Log 26/11/12 Editing

In this session of editing we gained feedback from our teacher. In this session he told us to put more of the live footage of the band in the beginning of the music video to allow the audience to establish them in their natural environment whilst at a gig.

The other bit of feedback that he gave us was to use different filters on clips to make it look more grungy and dark to match the representation of the rock genre. He gave us ideas of using ‘Bad Tv’, ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Add noise’. These filters were suggestions made that will make the video look darker. We have been looking into Machine head’s Davidian video where they use lots of different colour correctors like sepia, blue tints and black and white. We looked at this video because it uses lots of different colours for each clip but because they are fast cuts it looks good when they are different and keep changing. They also use ‘Bad Tv’ filter effect to switch between clips and make it look like they are on a Tv and are moving up and down the screen. I have taken screenshots from the video by Machine head.

In our next editing sessions we will begin to edit our clips to make it look more grungy and to represent the darkness of the lyrics of the song and the band itself.

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