Production log of Digi-Pack

We started our digi-pack by choosing which images we wanted to use of the band and which ones looked and reflected the band’s personality the best. Once decided this we then chose which panel each picture would look better on. We then started to edit these images. We started by editing the group image in front of the garage. This was our favourite image as the background fits in with the representation of the band being quite rural and dark. This image was editing using the red eye tool to first take away any red eye that occurred in the photograph and then the spot healing tool to make the band members faces look clearer. We chose to edit the brightness of the image to make it look darker again to match the representation of being dark and meaningful. We got the members to look straight into camera for the effect of direct address, so the audience feel connected to the band.

We then moved onto the inside left panel where we edited single picture of the band members and out them together. We thought this was a good idea as it shows the members singularly but also still matched together. These images were each cut up and red eye tool and clone stamp were used on them all. This section was hard to fit them all in together as they were all doing different poses and the panel is small and so we had to pick images we originally wouldn’t have picked so that they could all fit on. However once doing this we found that we preferred the panel in the outcome it was.

The disc panel was then created where we chose to have the singer singing into a microphone at a recording studio. We chose this image to go on the disc panel as the singer is the face for the band and represents the music that the audience will be getting in the cd. We chose to use a lightning effect on this image where you out a shadow on the rest of the image and only light on the part you want. I thought this was a good idea as it highlights the singer but also keeps in tone with the representation of being dark and mysterious which is shown by the shadow.

The back cover was then created where we chose another group band image of them standing on a staircase outside the recording studio. We really liked this idea as it bring them together again but also gives the feel of being rough and not caring about emotions. The image has got a slight sepia tone on it and this was to give it the older feel and to take away the brightness of the stairs and the lighting.

Once edited the writing then got put onto the cd cover. We got the font from a website called ‘’ where we chose the font ‘Masterplan’. we chose this font as it had a  distorted feel which makes it rough but also had connotations of war which is denoted in their name ‘Warhead’. WE chose to have the font green to carry on the colour scheme that the band had originally in their cd cover but also through the music video there is a lot of green. The back cover also used the same font and colour for the track listing, we decided to put this in the top right hand corner of the panel for it to stand out immediately and to fill the gap where their is image of the wall. The edge of the cd cover also has the same font and says Warhead Your Conviction on a black background. The ‘Your Conviction’ is written in white font and that is to make it stand out so the audience can see it straight away when wanting to buy it in the shop.

The back cover needs to be realistic and so we added on a barcode and a record label logo. We chose to use ‘Hopeless Records’ as the logo as it is a rock band record label. This makes the digi-pack look more realistic. Due to not wanting our images to get cut off we decided to make a black border around the outside of each image so we did not lose any features on our images.

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