Production Log for Website

We started the website by splitting the pages between each other so I took the first four pages and Joanna took the last four. My pages were Home, About, Gallery and Events.


I started with added in the pages onto the links at the top of the page. Once I had done this I decided to change the colour of text to white. When the mouse is hovered over the link to the next page the colour changes to green. I chose the colour green to match with the colour scheme we used for our Digi-pack design as this would keep the continuity. I then decided to add an image for the background on the homepage and this was a picture of the band standing in front of the garage that we took in our photo shoot for the Digi-pack. This image is spread across the page and all members can be seen. The next task was to include the band’s name. We both chose to put ‘Warhead’ in green as it stands out to the audience on the black background but to also match the house style we have used throughout our practical work. The font I chose was called ‘basic’ this was because this font was the only font that matched the representation of not being too ‘fancy’ and being classically simple. On the homepage we included links to Twitter and Facebook as these are popular social networking sites that will attract attention to the band. We both felt that we needed something more added to our homepage and so Joanna created an image in Photoshop telling the fans on the website about upcoming gigs. She used an image of the drums that we took at the photo shoot for the background and kept with the green theme for the text boxes. We then decided to add a button linking to the next page all about Warhead. This makes it easier for the fans to use the webpage.


The next page I did was the ‘About’ page where it tells the fans and audience a bit about the band. This included the names of the members of the band, their interests and where they are from. The text box that the text is written in we changed to a see through colour so that the image behind the text could still be seen. The text is written in the basic font and also in black as this colour is easily readable for the audience. I added some images to the side of the page to allow the audience to see who they are reading about. I chose ones where they are using their instruments to emphasis their skills in the band and to represent their rebellious and rock like look.


The events page was made up of previous gigs that Warhead had done but also upcoming events. The text box was again see through so the image behind could still be seen. I chose the layout of having an image and text underneath to explain more about the gigs. I started with previous gigs that they had been too and added in images of the place or event they were taking place in for example Battle of the bands. I then added more recent events that have happened and that are going to happen. I wrote the events page from their point of view as they are talking to their fans. The text boxes were green again to keep in touch with the house style throughout and to allow it to stand out.


For the gallery I chose the template where you can see some of the images and when you click on one it changes to a scroll where you can look through them all. When you hover the mouse over an image it changes to a dark green colour which again matches the colour scheme. The gallery allows you to see the band together with their instruments but also the images of the photo shoot we carried out for them, this makes the band look professional.

Joanna did the other four pages on the website which was Videos, Artwork, Forum and Contact.


On the video page we added our music video that we made for Warhead. As you click on the page the music video automatically starts, this is good because it will drag the audience in to watching the video and making comments.


This page is for the band to upload images of their CD covers to show their fans. We started by uploading images of the front and back cover of the Digi-pack we made the band. Again the text is in green to allow for continuity throughout the website.


The forum page is where comments can be made about the bands music, gigs and videos can be made by the fans. The page starts with quotes from feedback already been given to Warhead. This is there to encourage people to comment on what they see. At the bottom of the page is a box where fans can email Warhead to leave their comments. There is another box where tickets can be bought for an event that the band will be taking part in, this is good because it encourages fans to go and watch Warhead perform and to give them support.


The final page on the website is where people can contact the band if they want to. This has the information of the band including social networking sites for people to talk to them. On this page is an image of the guitarist in the studio, this is giving the fans a relaxed and laid back approach to the band members allowing them to feel welcome to contact them.


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