Evaluation Question 2: “How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?”

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The promo package I created consists of a music video, digi- pack and website. The ancillary texts including the digi pack and website, work alongside the music video to help represent the iconography of Warhead which is being shown through the music video. The band’s iconography is that they are rebellious and like to be outrageous and express this through their music lyrics. In order to portray the representation of Warhead in the digi-pack we completed a photo shoot where we went to different locations and took images that looked professional.

When researching digi-packs of the rock genre I found that there is a similar representation through the music videos and digi packs. I realised that the website and digi pack needed to follow the same theme to carry the similar representation. The research into Ac/DC’s digi pack showed me that it needed to consist of action shots of the members of the band with their instruments and performing live. This links back to our music video where we included live performance of the band. This digi pack also used lots of effects on the images which matches the rock genre theme throughout the music video of a variety of different effects. Me and my partner decided to use these features we had gained through research in our digi-pack. The front and back cover consists of a group image of the band in front of a garage and on some old stairs which reinforces the dark and rough like character that the band represents. We decided to use a font from the website ‘dafont.com’ which was called Master plan. This font was chosen because it is rough and has ‘war’ like connotations which matches the bands representation of being edgy. Throughout the music video green is an important colour; we decided to use this colour throughout the digi-pack design to keep it cohesive. On the back image there is a barcode and record label symbol that Warhead would likely be signed to as a band. The inside cover uses the same layout as our music video as it uses the portrait and landscape images as a split screen. This challenges the typical conventions of a rock genre digi-pack and allows for continuity throughout the music video and digi-pack. The disc space on the digi-pack has an image of the singer in a recording booth, this image was used as the singer is the main image for the band and also reinforces that they can actually sing and perform. We used a lighting effect on this image to make the picture have a shadow and focus on the singer. The digi-pack links to the representation of the band as they look dark and tough which reinforces the rock image.

The website used similar house styles of green and black. From research into existing websites such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC I found that black is a popular colour for the rock genre websites. The black colouring reinforces the dark iconography of the band and how they are mysterious and meaningful. We used the images we gained from the photo shoot for the digi-pack on the website so the audience feel like they know the band more. Richard Dyer states that “A Star is constructed from a range of materials”. This says that Warhead are promoted through all three products that we created for them. When researching websites I found that they all have similar pages including Galleries, Videos, about the artist/band and events. We then found an Artwork page which we thought would be a good idea for Warhead’s website as it allows us to show the audience our digi-pack designs. Similar to the Ac/dc website we included an image telling the fans about upcoming events on the home page so they did not have to search for it. The website is there to help promote the band to their fans and audiences where they can get involved. The website allows for active audiences to occur on web 2.0. Gauntlett states “interactivity on Web 2.0 makes users more creative”. This means that artists are starting to promote themselves with the internet for example ‘Youtube’ and their own websites.

Overall both ancillary texts match the conventions of the music video through house style, continuity and themes. The house style throughout the 3 products is green, black with the odd splash of colour for effect. Having the portrait footage and split screen in the music video is portrayed across to the digi-pack on the inside page where all the band members are seen together. This is also put across on the website where single images are used on various pages. Having the continuity allows for the products to link together and to keep the representation of the band the same so it does not confuse the audience. The theme of the rock genre is to have dark colours, serious faces and meaningful lyrics on their songs. This is shown through the images used and the house styles used throughout the three products.

The promo package as a whole is very suitable for Warhead as they are a rock genre band and the three products shows that very clearly and the representation is not confused in any way. All of the typical conventions of existing rock genre have been passed through onto Warhead’s products that we produced for them. The typical record label that the band would belong too would be an independent label as the type of songs that Warhead produce are not mainstream and do not apply to a variety of audiences. For example Hopeless Records are an independent record label who signs rock genre bands/artists which is suitable for Warhead as they are a rock genre band. The three products we produced are suitable for the audience that comes with the band as they use conventions that the typical audience enjoy. For example the rock music video contains live gigs which rock music is best known for enhancing the type of music it is. The digi-pack and website contains images of the band together and so gives the audience a sense of familiarity with the band as they believe they know the band personally. Overall the three products work well together to reinforce the rock representation of the band to the audience.

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