Evaluation Question 3: “What have you learned from your audience feedback?”

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When planning the ideas for the promo package I had to consider the target audience for rock genre music and what the audience would expect from the band. During my research into the typical audience for heavy metal bands I found that the typical audience for Warhead are mainly male dominated and they were people who are interested in going to gigs and listening to live music. This is because the music of rock bands sounds a lot better live due to the instruments and atmosphere that comes with the band. Due to an up rise in technology the audience for Warhead would use web 2.0 to access the bands information for example social networking sites and YouTube etc.

When creating Warhead’s website I exploited web 2.0 by including links to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to every page which encourages the audience to use them to promote Warhead. I also used web 2.0 when uploading the music video to YouTube. This allowed a greater range of viewers to help promote the band. The overall viewings on YouTube were 324, 143 of those views were through Facebook, 8 people liked the video and 1 person shared it. This shows that web 2.0 is helping to promote the band and get their music seen and heard by different people.  55 views of the music video were through a mobile phone device; this is again showing that technology in convergence devices is helping Warhead gain a bigger audience. 66 views were from referrals from other media A level students music videos. The way you tag a YouTube video is very important as it helps to link to the target audience you are expecting. We tagged our music video with words such as: Ac/DC, Avenged Sevenfold and Rock. These words all link to Warhead’s music video and so will attract similar audiences from other rock bands.

To gain more feedback from the target audience I held a screening of the music video, digi pack and website for 10 people who then filled out a questionnaire that I put together including different questions on the strengths, weaknesses and institution for Warhead from the products. The 10 people consisted of a mix of male and females and included some older and some younger participants. When answering question 3 “Do you think this music video looks like a rock genre music video and why?” 100% of the audience said it does look like a rock genre music video, 60% said because of the focus on the instruments, 20% due to the costumes, 50% said because of the fast pace editing and 20% because of the live footage. This shows us the main strengths to our music video and how we have used these features to obtain a stereotypical rock genre music video.  The questionnaire also involved questions on all three products as a whole, when answering the last question “What improvements would you make to the music video, cd cover or website and why?” 50 % of the audience said change the font on the website, 30 % said change font colour on digi pack to something clearer to read, 10% said the colour scheme and 10% more live footage. However when the screening of the website took place there was some technical difficulties which resulted in the fonts and backgrounds to have changed. When asking them about the type of record label they would see Warhead on some of them got confused as they do not know specific labels, however 60% of people said independent labels, 10% said Roc Nation, 10% said Sony and only 20% said they weren’t sure. This shows that although they may not have known names of specific record labels the audience were still aware that the band would not have been signed to any of the major labels. One of the questions asks the audience “What music channels would you expect to see this music video on?” 70% said Kerrang, 30% said Scuzz, 20% said NME, 20% MTV and 10% were unsure. By obtaining these questionnaires and statistics on the three products has allowed us to be sure of what was good, bad and needed improving of the three products. It also allowed us to see if we had targeted the correct audience and how well the iconography of the band came across.

When Warhead watched their music video for the first time they were very pleased with the outcome. They were specifically pleased with the live footage and the variety of different shots especially the Go Pro camera of the guitars. They felt that the music video matched who they were as a band especially through the relaxing footage of them messing around during practice. The band liked the portrait footage and felt that it challenged the typical conventions, which they liked, as it was not stereotypical and gave the music video an edge. The band did say however that they would have enjoyed more outgoing effects but overall were really grateful that we contacted them to help promote them as a band.

Overall the feedback that I have gained for the three products match what I was expecting as the audience knew the type of genre, what TV channels it would be shown on and the representation of who the band are. I was surprised at how many views were collected by YouTube and also the social networking sites. However due to Web 2.0 and convergence devices this is typical for the target audience to obtain what they want from the Internet. It has shown me that technology plays a huge part in getting bands/artists noticed and it encourages their audiences to promote them using web 2.0 to create a bigger fan base.

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