Evaluation Question 4: “How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?”

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

When producing my three products I used a variety of different aspects of technology to construct, plan and evaluate the music video, digi pack and website. At the start of the project I had to research and plan my ideas for the promo package. I used web 2.0 including YouTube when researching existing music videos to deconstruct the typical conventions of the rock genre. I also used web 2.0 when I had completed the music video and I wanted to promote Warhead’s video on YouTube and other social networking sites such as Facebook. By using web 2.0 it allowed me to be able to promote Warhead as a band. When filming the music video for Warhead I used HD camera’s, which allowed for prosumer technology and allowed the music video to be widely available. When editing the music video I used an editing software programme called ‘Final Cut Express’ which is again prosumer technology which enabled me to create a highly professional based music video for Warhead. By gaining feedback through YouTube and Facebook indicated that the audiences are active and obtaining information that they want when they want it. Some of the YouTube statistics showed that some of the viewings were through mobile devices showing convergence technology that is allowing for sharing of the music video and allowing it to become widely known.

When researching into existing rock genre bands to gain an idea of the iconography and representation needed to be portrayed in Warhead I used YouTube to deconstruct some music videos. By using an apple mac when researching these videos it allowed me to obtain screenshots of what I had found to back up my research and findings. Throughout the course we have used the website ‘Wordpress’ which is a website for blogging where we kept a log of all our research, planning, production and evaluation work for the promo package. Every time I researched a band’s music video I used screenshots to explain my findings where I could then look back when thinking of the representation of Warhead. When planning my ideas for the music video, website and digi pack I used a compact digital camera for the recce shots of the locations I was going to be filming to ensure I had the correct angles and lighting etc. When creating prop lists, shot lists and schedules I used the apple macs to create tables showing what time and where filming was going to take place, hat clothes we needed, and who was filming what so that we were organised. All of these things were put onto my blog onto ‘Wordpress’ where I could access them whenever I needed. Using web 2.0 allowed me to be able to access information I had found and planning I had done whenever I needed which enabled the process of filming the band to be quick and simple.

When producing the music video I used HD camera’s which enabled me to film footage with quality which made it look more professional. When editing the music video I used the programme Final Cut which allowed me to edit the clips very quickly and easy and also allowed me to add different effects throughout the music video to create a more rock genre video. When creating the digi-pack we carried out a photo shoot with the band to gain photographs we could use in the cd cover. To do this we used a HD Camera to enable us to gain high quality images. These images were then edited on a programme called ‘Photo Shop’ which allowed us to use different effects and lighting techniques to make the images look better and match the representation and iconography portrayed in the music video. We also used Photoshop for creating the digi-pack using an already existing template, which made it easy to see the front, back and inside panels. The website was created using a website called ‘wix.com’ which enables you to create a website free of charge. Using web 2.0 and this prosumer technology allows anyone to create a website showing that technology is so advanced that anybody can create things to help promote themselves as artists without the need for record labels. Creating the web page for Warhead allowed their band to be promoted and gain information for their fans.

When evaluating the three products I used YouTube and Social networking sites to gain feedback from the target audience. Putting the music video on YouTube allowed me to access where the viewing were coming from for example mobile devices, through Facebook or referrals. This made it easier to analyse the influence of web 2.0, convergence devices and social networking sites as these sites worked in synergy.

Overall when creating my three products I have used a range of technologies. Using horizontal integration in the three separate products has allowed Warhead to gain more active audiences and fans. Web 2.0 has allowed me to see that prosumer technologies are helping DIY artists promote and distribute themselves. Using the HD Camera, final cut and Photoshop has allowed me to inhance my skills and allowed me to be more creative with my three products. Warhead have been promoted through the music video, website and digi pack on web 2.0 and social networking sites creating a greater audience for the band through sharing and distributing the music video.

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