Deconstruction of AC/DC Digi Pack

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The front 2 pages of this digi-pack for the rock band AC/DC contains a group photo of the band members on the front. This photo has got a dark shadow around the edge to maintain the dark meaning of the band. The poses of the band members are quite serious but at the same time quite jokey which allows the audience to be told that they are a fun band. The name of the band is at the top of the page and in the centre, the colour is red with a yellow outline. This makes it stand out, and matches the connotations of the lightning bolt which is put in between the Ac and the DC. The font is very pointy and is made 3D by using reflection effects on each letter. At the bottom of the front cover is the name of the album which is put into the same font but a yellow colour which still matches the colour scheme of the cd cover. On the spine of the digi-pack it says the bands name in white on a black background and the name of the album in yellow again. The white on black font makes the name of the band stand out again and the yellow of the album name creates cohesion throughout the album front cover.

The back of the album cover has got a long shot of the band in a desolate area with smoke behind them. The main guitarist is pulling a screaming/laughing face which is making him stand out, he is the well known member of the band for their audience. The clothing of the band is representing the rock genre but there is also the school boy outfit which is his signature outfit. The singer of the band is dressed in flares and a blazer, this is unusual to the typical representation of rock music bands, but they were around in the 70’s/80’s where this fashion was popular. The photo is in black and white which gives the picture an enigma as to where they might be and also gives a dark meaning. The members of the band are all giving direct address to the camera which is attracting their audience. They have a track list at the top of the back page of the digi-pack. The track list is written in the same font as the album name on the front cover, this gives the album cover cohesion. The track list is black on white background which also makes it stand out and easy to read for the audience. The back of the cd cover also has the record label written above the barcode, this is reinforcing the bands label.

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This is the inside of the cd album. As you can see on the left hand side is an image of the band together and the main guitarist is throwing paint out of a paint bucket. This is reinforcing that the band know how to have fun but is also emphasising the immaturity of Angus Young (the guitarist) which is known by the fans of the band. In this image the band are not dressed particularly rock like but with AC/DC they were always wearing jeans rather than the stereotypical leather jacket etc. This is due to the time they were around before rock was a big thing. There is a split in this section where inside is a small booklet of the bands lyrics to their songs. This booklet has the same front cover as this cd cover which allows for continuity of colour schemes.

The right hand side of this image is where the CD goes. Underneath this section is an image of Angus Young again playing the guitar with sweaty hair. This is emphasising his effort and devotion to playing well for his fans. Angus Young is the main focus of this band as he is a well known member of the band. Unlike most bands where the singer is the favourited and most recognised, with AC/DC it is the main guitarist which is why they have chosen to have him feature in every image on the Digi-pack.

Looking into this Digi-Pack instead of on the internet helped me see what I need to do for my own digi-pack for my band. This is a good Digi-pack as it emphasises the band as a whole and also reinforces the main member of the band as they are most recognised and so will help to sell the albums. It is emphasising the rock genre as the band are pulling faces and acting immaturely which is similar to most rock bands.

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Deconstruction of Iron Maiden’s website

The third webpage I decided to look at was Iron Maiden as they are a heavy rock band that relates to Warhead and so the representation will link to each other which will help me create a good band page for my band.

The homepage for Iron Maiden’s webpage starts with a main image of the bands album cover and a sign to here their next gig is going to be held. It then scrolls across to another date and place where they are also gigging. This allows the fans to know straight away where they can next be seen.

The next page is the news of the band, this tells the fans where they are next performing. This is helpful for the fans as they can then buy tickets to go and see them performing. The ‘tour’ section has a list of the places in the year that the band will be performing at and also is there are tickets left to buy. This is again helpful as the fans can see if they can still buy tickets for certain events.

This website also has a gallery part where there are images of the band performing at different gigs. The images are in a scroll on the left where they remain black and white, however when they become the bigger picture on the right they come back into colour where the fans can see the detail more clearly.

There is a discography section on this website which was not on either of the other two webpages that I looked at. This is a section where the album covers to the bands albums are displayed so the fans can see them. When you click on the link it gives you the track listing of that album. This then has an ‘amazon’ link to where the fans can buy the album.

The section called ‘the band’ contains information about the band and how well they did in 2012. This is keeping the fans up to date with how well the band are doing and their progresses. The shop section redirects you to the official website of where the fans can buy merchandise with the band’s logo and name on to wear to gigs etc. This helps them promote their band and gain recognition.

There is also a fan club section where there are images of the fans at gigs which scrolls along at the top of the page through all the images. Overall this band page is good as it represents the rock genre through the colours chosen, the iconography for example the skull head coming up across the links at the top of the page, this helps reinforce the dark side of the rock genre. This band page also has links to social networking sites which remains very popular with younger audiences, it also creates new fan bases as people share music etc and the band gets recognised. This webpage represents rock genre very well.

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Deconstruction of Black Sabbath Website

I researched into Black Sabbath’s website to see the layouts and colours used to match the rock genre which is similar to Warhead. The homepage for the band’s website has images of the band and these images move to show the different links to each page eg gallery, videos and events. It also has a link to a ‘new album’ which is good as it gives the fans something to look into straight away. The page moves right when the cursor is hovering over the right of the page. This reveals more of the links that could not be seen before eg ‘News’.

The background of the home page is full of black and white images of the band posing and also performing. The name of the band ‘black sabbath’ is written in purple on the top left of the page, this gives the page a bit of colour and emphasises that the band are dark but also fun.

There is a ‘news’ page where it tell the fans the  ticket sales of the live events occurring during the calender months and allows the audience to read articles which have been written about the event where the band performed. The events section tells the fans about upcoming tour dates and where the band will be performing.

There is also a video section where the band have uploaded videos of themselves performing and their music videos. There is also a video of a press conference with the band that the fans might be interested in seeing.

There is also a link to an official store site for the band’s merchandise where the fans can buy t shirts etc. This link is good for the band as it helps sell things to help them get money and also to promote the band.

Overall this webpage is good for the rock genre as it has a black and white colour scheme which allows for the dark side of the band to be portrayed. The purple of the ‘black sabbath’ creates emphasis to the band and allows the audience to know straight away if they are on the right site. This page allows for easy use and gives the correct information to the fans.

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Deconstruction of Ac/Dc’s Official website

I decided to look at AC/DC’s webpage as they are also a rock genre band and so will be conveying similar representations through their webpage as I want to do for Warhead. The home page has got a main image of the band in performance. It is on a scroll bar which has other links to other set lists for different songs and performances. The main page has got ‘AC/DC’ flag like title which stand out to he audience as its in black and white. The webpage has also got links to other pages including; News,TOur,Music,The band, Photos, Videos, Fan club, Community and Store. These tell the audience more about the band and take them to different things they might want to see. Below on the homepage is a ‘AC/DC user spotlights’ where fans can comment on albums etc.

The background of the homepage has got pictures of the band’s albums, their performances and merchandise. It is in black and white which is the main colour scheme for the webpage. This matches the genre of Rock as it is very dark. The other main colour is yellow and this matches the band’s colour scheme as most of their album covers contain the colour yellow.

The webpage has a link to ‘Tours’ which tells the audience when the band is touring next, however as AC/DC do not tour anymore their webpage has got previous tour dates of where and when the band performed. This allows the audience to see years back to where the band were in their top form.

The webpage also has a ‘Music’ section where their are all the albums of the band are their along with the track listing and then a link to the lyrics for each song. This allows the audience to see each song they want too and when they want too.

There is another section on the webpage which is all about the band and their music. On this page is about the band’s albums and then below is quotes from the band members. This page also has links to each of the albums made by the band which then takes the audience to the ‘music’ page.

Then there is a page for photos of the band. At the top of this page there is different links to different years, this takes you to the photos from that year. The photos are in chronological order of date, the newest are at the top of the page. They also have a link to Fan Photo’s which also has categories such as ‘at the show’, ‘collectible gallery’, ‘fan ink’ and ‘lookalikes’. Having the categories at the top of the page allows the audience to move about the page with ease and to find things without problems. There is also a video section where it starts with a main video which is a teaser to make the audience watch more videos. Underneath is a link to other videos, this has got two pages of videos for the audience to look through. There is a link so the audience can share the video on social networking sites such as ‘twitter’ and ‘facebook’. This is keeping up to date with the audience as this is what many people like to do with social networking.

This webpage also has a store section where fans can buy merchandise with the band’s name on etc. This helps give the band more money when they sell these things.

Overall this webpage is designed for a rock genre audience and this is shown through colour schemes used eg black and white. The layout of this website is easy to navigate around and find things which is good for the audience as they want to be able to find the things they want. The webpage has got many different sections which is good for showing the audience different things about the band that they may not know or have seen before.

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Deconstruction of Motor head’s album cover

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Production Log 11/12/12 – Editing

This was the last editing session we had before uploading it onto ‘Youtube’. In this session we decided to add lots of new different effects to make the video look more like the rock genre with a mix of effects and colours to make it look grungy. The colours we chose to add into the music video were the same colours that were reinforced from the live footage which was red, blue and purple. We decided to keep these colours throughout to allow the video to match. We looked at the music video ‘Machine Head- Davidian’ to get ideas of different colours and effects to use.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 09.25.27 Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 09.25.43 Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 09.26.09 Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 11.57.02 Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.04.39 Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.04.16 Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.03.57

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Deconstruction of Queen’s album cover


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